Lacking Motivation? Try the 100-Day Approach…

100 dominoes

Quite a few months ago now, I realised it was soon going to be 100 days until the start of 2015 and I remembered how quickly other ‘100 days’ countdowns had gone by; the 2010 World Cup and the London Olympics seemed to arrive in no time.

And I thought how days go by in normal life without me noticing them or making the most of them – in fact wishing them away, desperate for the weekend. How many 100 days have sped past in my lifetime without a glance? And the hundreds add up, and then it’s years you’re noticing going by (another birthday? Christmas – already?!) and then, well, that’s that – we’ll have become too old and too weary to change anything. And that was all a bit sobering.

Pondering this during my drive home from work (the same stretch of country road seemed to jumpstart my brain into activity every day), I wondered if I’d act differently if I knew when my time was going to be up.

Would knowing how many days I had left to live galvanise me into action, trying to cram everything in? Of course it would.

So how ridiculous then to just pootle along, tossing those valuable days aside and putting things off because I think I’m going to be around for ages and I can always do something ‘some time’ in the future.

Well, who knows what’s in store for any of us, so why not make the most of hopefully having loads of days left? Because, I realised, I need a focus. I need a marker to measure myself against. That made me think I should use the 100 days scenario to work to, and be grateful for every batch of 100 days I get to the end of. What could I set out to achieve in the next 100 days? What will I do to make me better at something or more fulfilled? By January 1st 2015, what would be different about me compared with that day in September?

That was my start. And it’s working.

I joined a nightclass and learnt a new skill, something I’d been wanting to do for ages but had just ‘never got round to’.

I got a new job. And not just any job; pretty much my dream job. I’m not desperate for the weekends any more.

I set up this blog and started writing some content. I’ve been pondering doing this for soooooo long and now I’m writing for me (and you!) about things I want to share and wondering why I didn’t do it ages ago.

Another 100 days and I have enough content to load up and make it live. And now I’m eager to strive to achieve something in the next 100 days because these ‘compartments’ of time give a sense of needing to act and make something happen, but without the pressure of it being urgent. They’re a good personal prodding stick!

Forget coffee spoons, I’m measuring out my life in 100 day segments – and it’s great. Try it!

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