Tried & Tested – Tresemme 7 Day Smooth System

TRESemme Smooth

I’m always trying out hair products, maybe because my hair’s long and takes a bit of looking after, or maybe just because I fall for the marketing spiel every time.

Anyway, my thick hair is prone to a bit of frizz and a few waves and needs a lot of encouragement with my straighteners every day, which I know isn’t doing it any favours in the long run. So I was interested to see if Tresemme’s 7 Day Smooth System would deliver on its promise and enable me to go a few days without using straighteners.

And Tresemme’s spiel was pretty impressive, proclaiming the system to be: ‘a first-to-market breakthrough in new generation hair technology. Using Heat Activated Polymers, this brand new formula is activated simply by using hair straighteners to provide long lasting, salon looking hair that stays beautifully smooth for seven days, and up to three washes.’

Now, how could you refuse that?!

I invested in three products; the 7 Day Smooth shampoo and conditioner (both £6.29) and the Heat Activated Treatment (£7.29) and gave it a go.

Tresemme directions

You use the shampoo and conditioner as you would normally. After this my hair felt a bit knotted rather than smooth but the advice re the straightening treatment was to apply around eight to ten pumps to medium/long hair. The pump dispenser gave out a generous amount and after about six pumps I felt as though it was a lot of product so I didn’t apply any more.

The directions advise drying your hair as normal, and then going over each section of hair several times with straighteners to activate the straightening balm. I had my straighteners on 230 degrees and followed the instructions exactly. By the end of the process (which took some time) my hair was definitely super straight with a great shine and I was getting a bit excited about being able to go heat styler free.

The next morning my excitement was stopped in its tracks when a bleary-eyed squint in the mirror revealed rather less than straight hair. In fact, it looked like someone had crept in during the night and given me a perm on the lower half of it. I’m not quite sure what had happened but out came the straighteners and I was, disappointingly, on with my usual routine again.

7 day creamAfter a few weeks I gave these products another go, thinking that perhaps I might have kept the straightness if I had used the amount of the straightening treatment as advised on the pack. Ten pumps of the cream was a lot, but I applied as instructed. Unfortunately though, my hair felt as though it wouldn’t dry properly with my hair dryer – there was just far too much product. Even after straightening several times, my hair felt very weighed down, almost greasy. And no, it didn’t stay straight either.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend these products as a ‘straightening system’ but I would say they could be worth using if you wanted your hair to look sleek and glossy for a special occasion, as long as you used them on the day of the event.

A word of caution would definitely be to use less of the cream than the directions advise, particularly if you have fine hair, or it will be overloaded.

In the meantime if anyone has found a straightening treatment that delivers without damaging your hair – and lasts – please tell us all!

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