Guilt-free chia seed sweet treats


This has to be one of the best recipes to whip up for simplicity, nutrition and taste – and you can easily tweak it to include your favourite fruit or flavours. It’s a guilt-free sweet – and then some.

I’ve so far only managed one food-related post on the blog and that’s because I generally don’t cook, in fact I hate cooking, so this is perfect if you’re anything like me.

The three basic ingredients are chia seeds, coconut milk and fruit. That’s it.


Put a measure of chia seeds into a bowl and cover with around three times the amount of coconut milk to chias. I used a third of a cup of seeds to a cup of coconut milk and this made about four portions once the fruit was added in (obviously it’s not an exact science and depends on how thick you like it and how big your portions are!)

Let the seeds soak in the milk at least overnight (put them in the fridge). They’ll soften and swell, giving you a nice thick and creamy base, not unlike rice pudding. Then blend your choice of fruit, using as much or as little fruit as you want – I just used a hand blender. Stir the fruit into the chia mix and mix it well with a quick blast from the blender again and that’s it. Pop the blended mix into the fridge for a bit longer before eating, but that’s as complicated as it gets.


I’ve so far made three versions of this – one with strawberries and another with peaches, and I also mixed some chocolate toffee flavoured protein powder with coconut milk and added it to the seed/milk base and then blended in some banana for a delicious Banoffee version – a great, incredibly healthy treat.


Chia seeds can be quite expensive so do shop around (I get mine from Amazon with plenty to choose from and good prices) but they have loads of health benefits.

No more excuses for sugar-laden puds!

Please share your fave flavours if you’ve done this recipe, or anything similar…

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