New Biotec Skin Care range from Elemis

full rangeElemis’s Biotec facials have been around for a while and have a good reputation, and I’ve found them to be pretty good at promoting healthy looking skin and giving a bit of a glow (although you need to have them regularly and that can get a bit expensive). I also find Elemis’s skincare products work well too (good moisturisation, reduced breakouts and no irritating fragrance), although I’ve not seen any really noticeable anti-ageing results with them. So the launch of their latest skincare range – the Biotec Skin Energising system – did get me a bit excited.

There’s a lot of promo jargon accompanying the launch that really doesn’t do anything to convince me to buy it, for example: the Biotec system is scientifically proven to increase cell energy for optimum skin function, along with promises of ‘turbo charged’ skin, ‘bio-electrical’ reactions and ‘ionic exchanges’. It’s not in any way helpful!

I just want to know if it will stop my skin ageing – or, please God, perform the miracle of making look at least a bit younger!

The science bit (or some of it): the cleanser, and day and night creams, all contain a ‘trio of acids’ which are tasked with boosting ‘enzymatic functions’ (getting rid of dull, dead skin).

The day and night creams also contain zinc and copper which do have proven benefits – zinc is responsible for specific aspects of cellular metabolism functions, protein synthesis, cell division and cellular repair (all good so far, then), and copper is beneficial for ageing skin because it repairs and maintains connective tissue.  Additionally, Omegas 3, 6 and 9 help with hydrating your skin.

Apparently this range is more suited to mature skins and is a step up from the very popular Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, and is designed to deliver results more quickly.

The range launched nationwide today but I managed to get my hands on them a couple of weeks ago so have been giving them a bit of a test.


biotec_cleanserThe cleanser is a gel which foams when applied to your wet face. I did feel I needed to cleanse twice, but it wasn’t at all drying. There was a noticeable fragrance, which was a bit sandalwoody, I’d say, but again, no adverse effects from this.


Both the day and night creams feature two chambers of product within the bottles, one of cream and one of gel/serum, which you dispense, mix on your fingertips, and apply.

cream gel biotec

my pic gel cream

The day cream did keep my skin hydrated all day and didn’t seem at all fragranced. There’s no SPF so you will still need to apply one after moisturising (I really recommend Clarins UV Plus SPF 50 fluid) so this is a bit of a downside.

elemis_night_creamThe night cream is also fragrance free, and was applied the same as the day cream. I have found occasional small red marks around my under eye area in the mornings, but wonder if this is perhaps from layering over my current night time eye cream, which contains retinol. They have always disappeared soon after though, so not an issue.

science bitI’ve not seen any immediate ‘energising’ effect and it’s too early to say whether this regimen is having an impact on revitalising my skin, but it does provide good hydration, so worth a try if you’re looking for a new moisturiser anyway, or to upgrade from the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

There are plans for a sensitive version of the Day Cream later in the year, but I think the range would benefit greatly from a dedicated eye cream – I am quite surprised there isn’t one.

As with all Elemis products, they’re not inexpensive, but they do last a very long time. The Energising Cleanser is £39.50 for 200ml, which will probably last you six months. Skin Energising Day Cream comes in at £75 for 30ml and the Night Cream is £85, also for 30ml. Try the Elemis website as they often have good promotional offers available.

Have you tried the new Elemis Biotec Skincare range? What do you think?








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