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If you’re shocked every time you say your age out loud and still can’t believe you’re a 40- and not a 30- (or even 20-) something, I hope this blog makes you realise you’re not alone.

I decided to set up fabfitand40something because I was disappointed by all the blogs I read which were meant to be for ‘fab’ or ‘fit’ forty something women, but their content seemed more relevant either for people much older, or for hardcore exercise enthusiasts. I still feel young but know I’m beyond Zoella territory; and I’m not a mum so don’t feel in tune with any of the many mummy/parenting blogs. And while I don’t want to exercise to within an inch of my life,  I’m not quite ready for blogs about rambling. There’s just not quite anything in between.

What’s it about?

I’m rapidly heading for my mid-40s but still feel young and want to stay that way. I’ve found fitness, food, health and beauty regimes that seem to be working at slowing down the ageing process, in fact, at 44 I’m probably in better shape now than I was a few years ago. But all this has taken time, hard work and a lot of trial and error, so hopefully I can share what’s worked for me and save you some of the time, wasted effort, and money I invested in the things that didn’t.

It is amazing what you can achieve but please believe I am not some uber-fit, gym loving, stick thin goddess that leaps around trendy gyms in fluorescent lycra and perfect make-up, sipping the latest £10-a-pop health drink. I am a content-ish size 10-12, but only through continued effort and combining healthy eating and exercise; I have to force myself to work at it – I don’t particularly like exercising and I don’t rigidly stick to a diet as such – it’s down to a general long-term approach to my health and appearance…and off-the-wagon days are very much a part of that or I’d never cope!

And please don’t think I’m arrogant either; the blog’s name needed to be both aspirational and inspirational to make anyone see it (because you didn’t put the words ‘average’ or ‘saggy’ in the search box did you?!)

I don’t necessarily think I’m ‘fab’ but I know I’m faring quite well – and I’m trying to tackle this whole ageing thing in a positive way. And I am sure there must be hundreds, if not thousands of us in a similar position. Getting older doesn’t mean becoming dull, frumpy and fat, in fact the benefits of our years of experience of this ‘life’ thing should be helpful!

What’s in it for you?

Hopefully my posts will help you achieve the most from investing the minimum time, effort and money. All my posts will be really honest and completely my own opinion. I work full-time so I’m writing this because I want to and am excited to have a platform to be able to share stuff. I’m not getting paid by anyone to endorse a product or churn out a set number of posts – I will try to post regularly but I believe quality is more important than quantity, and I hope you agree.

The blog will be a mix of reviews of products (such as skin care and make-up), posts about tried and tested exercise and workouts, healthy eating, recipes and, well… just general stuff I’ve learnt, done or thought about, which I hope is of interest. I can’t rule out some frivolous talk of shoes though…they are my biggest vice!

What can you do?

I’d really like to make this site interactive so if you’ve got suggestions on anything you’d like reviewed or investigated, please get in touch. I’d also love to hear from like-minded 40-somethings about what’s working for you, or if you’ve had any disastrous experiences you’re willing to share! All feedback’s welcome, even if you disagree, but please keep it courteous and constructive and we’ll all benefit. Email me at fabfitandforty@hotmail.com and please join in the conversations on twitter and Facebook by clicking on the social media icons at the top of the page.

Yay – let’s go then!



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